Sunday, September 7, 2014

D. I. Y.

Assalamualaikum and hi!

So, now that i'm a mother of a cute little son of ours.

I have one problem ever since I am small, I don't like to spend my money on things that I think not worth it.

How do you define not worth it?

Case 1: Bantal.
Now that Umar is 7 and half months old. He seems to follow the father so much. He sleep like daddy, he loves to look and play with daddy, but he will find me when he's tired and wanted to sleep. I wish I can just ask him to go 'nenen' at your daddy. haha! Here's the thing. The father, he's willing to give the son like almost everything. provide him with the best that he could, but not this one thing. The bolster. =.= Umar pon now started to wanting his daddy's bolster. sometimes its funny to see both of them sharing one bolster like abah will peluk half of the bolster, and the other half Umar will conquer. But sometimes, Umar took one whole bolster, leaving the daddy with none. Then you'll see the father will struggle to sleep. hahaha! Me is not available anymore sebab i'm feeding Umar. hehe. So, in this case pon, i feel like its not worth it to buy as making your own bolster is super easy!

Case 2: Cantik.
Sometimes, tipu la if I said that I don't mind wearing the same cloth for the next 2 to 3 years, or not wearing shawl lilit2 mcm gadis2 anggung nowadays. I have that desire to cantik2. Yela, I'm only 24 kot. haha! But I also have this one problem that I think and I feel like spending RM20-RM hundreds for shawl, baju kurung, baju abaya, baju blouse and etc. Sebab I know how to do it, and I know how much the actual cost to make it. So, sudahnye when my laki tanya, kina xde nak shopping ape2? I will just diam, fikir, and jawab, "entah, mcm xde ape2 je."

Case 3 : Baby wear.
The baby. He is a little creatures yg Allah cipta, kurniakan pada aku and suami. hehe. After having a baby, I realize that he needs even more clothes than we do. They need to change frequently sebab kejap2 kotor kena mcm2. haha! So, last syawal, aku baru tau yg jahit seluar budak is super duper easy, then google some more, buat t-shirt diorang from baju2 lama the parents is also eaaaaaaasssyyyyyy. So, then here again, I feel like its not worth it to buy new while I can do it myself. =.=

Me is having a real problem here.

Dear husband, this is me writing my proposal for a new Brother 3034D Overlock machine,



P/S: Me and my husband, we work well that way. We don't simply just buy things. The different is, to him, kalau setakat bende murah2 less that hundreds he's ok and will just buy it for me. But the problem is, the wife, always wanted to buy bende yg thousands and xpandang sgt pon bende yg less that hundreds ni. lol! haha! But, aku request xdela pelik2 and xmendatangkan faedah. I ask for something yg mcm mesin jahit. Benda2 yg macam tu. faham ke maksud aku? haha! so, writing this post for my husband to read. Sebab, he ask for a complete proposal every time I requested something BIG. hehe. pastu, aku pulak xreti nak cakap mulut. kene lah tulis. hehe.


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